How Commercial Landscaping Helps You Maintain the Look of Your Premises

commercial landscaping

Commercial landscaping begins with a unique vision, proceeds with detailed planning, layout, design, and execution, but does not stop there. Take time to discuss cost, maintenance, and everything it involves. Maintenance includes all facets of commercial landscape management from trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and seedbed preparation to irrigation, weeding, mulching, and tree care

First Steps

Choosing the right plants is the first step toward commercial landscaping success. In addition to colour, tone, height, size and shape, consider the texture of the plant as well. For example, certain shrubs and plants may require more water than others, depending on whether it grows tall or short. You also have to consider the sun requirements of a variety of these plants, especially in the summer. Remember that sunscreens and mulch can help to conserve energy and limit the need for additional watering.

Once you have chosen the type of shrubs and plants that will best suit your commercial landscaping design goals, you have two more important decisions to make. Next, will you choose organic or synthetic materials for your landscaping? Both options are appealing, but choose one based on cost. Organic materials are much less expensive, although some, such as native plants, may require more maintenance than synthetic materials. However, the return on maintenance is greater with organic materials due to natural preservatives and pest control.


When planning your commercial landscaping design, remember that your goal is to increase your property’s value and appeal, both to customers and to other property owners. To meet those goals, you should choose commercial landscaping designs that enhance the commercial real estate, while providing a comfortable atmosphere for employees and clients. The commercial landscaping design you choose should draw potential customers into the commercial property.

commercial landscaping


Another important factor in commercial landscaping design is to consider the look of the commercial landscape and any associated lawn care and maintenance issues. Keep these factors in mind when designing your commercial landscaping: colour, style, texture, height, width, plant materials and size, as well as the appropriate appearance and appeal for your business’ logo and marketing message. Be sure to choose commercial landscaping products that will enhance your commercial spaces without detracting from their appearance and that meet all necessary safety standards. Landscaping companies can help you determine the best commercial landscaping ideas for your commercial properties.

Landscaping Companies

Landscaping businesses often provide services that include outdoor spaces. They can help you create an outdoor living space, such as a deck, patio or garden area. Many commercial landscaping companies also offer landscape maintenance services to commercial properties. Landscape maintenance involves regular assessments and evaluations of commercial landscaping materials. Some commercial landscaping maintenance tasks include removing invasive plants and other landscape hazards, grading and sealing outdoor spaces, repainting and mulching, removing erosion-prone areas, replacing damaged or dead grasses and topsoil, planting new vegetation, edging, mulching, seeding and overwater treatment.

A commercial landscaping company can also help with budgeting and coordinating the landscape with your building’s interior and exterior designs. These companies are also capable of developing custom-designed projects, depending on your preferences and requirements. Whether you need a commercial landscaping installation or a simple landscaping project, you can trust commercial landscaping companies to provide the best commercial landscaping design and results.

Landscape maintenance and lawn care services provided by commercial landscaping companies allow you to maintain the beauty and attractiveness of your commercial spaces, without taking up too much of your time and effort. Commercial landscape maintenance and lawn care services can give you peace of mind, knowing that your commercial landscaping is being done right the first time, every time. It’s up to you to choose the professionals who will give you the best design and results so that your commercial landscape meets your expectations and enhances the look of your commercial space.